"Where Do You Go When You Sleep?"
Chapter Number 8
Number of Parts 3
Written by Kc Wayland
Cover Artist Kc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date 11/23/09
Runtime  16:26
Part 2 Air Date 12/7/09
Runtime  13:16
Part 3 Air Date 12/14/09
Runtime  18:59
Character Narrator Riley
Places in Episode The Tower

The Water Works


With the commotion on the second floor lookout, Burt lets the others know that Latch and Scratch were the people outside the stairwell. Burt thinks that they followed Saul, thinking that they couldn’t have tracked the tanker. Angel and Burt want to kill them, but Michael and Riley decide to simply talk, leaving a backup plan in case something happens. Michael decides to open the door to talk to them after they reveal that they’re unarmed which Riley confirms. The twins say that a Mr. Durai was wondering about sending other survivors to live there, setting up a relationship between the two camps.
Scratch confirms Burt’s theory that they followed Saul on his scooter, saying that they lost several people due to Saul attracting infected right to their base. Scratch swears that she recognizes Angel, who denies it aggressively. Michael claims that they have to think about it for a while before deciding on letting them stay at the tower. Michael finally lays into Kelly for falling asleep, saying that she’s responsible for letting the others know that falling asleep during guard duty will result in immediate eviction from the tower. Michael takes over guard duty with Riley joining him, still drinking, and lets him know that food produced before the infection will only last 2 years.
Michael joins Riley in a few drinks, adhering to the motto of living for today. Riley comes up with a list of medication and food for a new supply run, with Angel and Michael heading it up, also searching for the locaters while out. Before heading out, they realize that the water supply is running out. Datu comes up with an idea to run the generator on the pump to get rain water into the reservoir. He also decides to go on the run with Angel and Michael, as the only one who really knows how the tracker works, also with Riley volunteering to make the party an even number.
As they get ready to leave, Datu and Michael reveal that they installed a remote on the gate so people don’t need to open or close the gate when leaving or returning. As they got to the other side of the gate, Angel notices that his girlfriend was missing from where they had buried her, begging the question of if somebody else dug her up or if she got out on her own. After a decent drive, they arrive at the water pumping station, noting that they haven’t seen any infected yet during the drive or outside. Entering the pumping station, they search the area and find the control room to activate the pump.
They find a door ripped off its hinges, warily checking out what it was that caused the damage. At first they believe that it can’t smell them because of the onions, but it gets startled as they kill it. A loud noise comes from the distance, louder than any other zombie previously, which Michael believes was actually what broke into the door. Investigating the immediate area, they find fresh bodies of what were survivors, discovering that they were the ones running the power to the station, as the reason for their water running for so long.
The Big One continues getting closer while Datu scrambles to find the water-grid to run it to the tower, finding what he believes is the right area, just before it breaks into the area. They try to find a way around and out of the station without attracting too much attention, but cause too much noise, pushing as hard as they can to open a door before it can get to them. Riley gets through first with Datu and Angel following. Michael tries to shoot it and stays behind, accidentally shooting a drum, causing the whole room to fill with steam. Angel calls out to him, but gets no response, with the big one getting close just before they can escape.
The big zombie gets out as they try to start the car, fighting off zombies as much as they can. Datu lost his bag that had the grid in it, but escape with the ammo bag with the locater still available. Angel decides to continue on the mission, trying not to discuss Michael at the moment. Datu goes into shock due to fear of the big zombie and Michael being left behind, with Angel trying to remember his training, but Datu recovers shortly on his own. They have a small water break while Datu walks it off, heading into a sports store where Riley picks up a bow and some arrows.
After the break, Angel heads towards the locaters, making sure they can at least find the area before heading back to the tower. They come to a gridlocked road in all directions they need to go, proceeding on foot, with Angel willing to go on his own but Riley and Datu decide to come along regardless of the danger.


  • The original "air dates" of Chapter 8 were November 23rd, December 7th, and 14th, 2009


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