Full Name Bill Norris
Portrayed by Manley Woods
First appearance Chapter 2 - The Two Things
Final appearance Chapter 12 - The War
Gender Male
Former Occupation Tower Owner
Residence The Tower
Spouse Sandy (Deceased)
  • Full Name: Bill Norris
  • Former Occupation: Owner of the Tower
  • Special Talents:
  • Age: 36 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 2 - The Two Things, Appeared in the first part of Chapter 2, was hostile to the survivors on the top floor.


  • Background: Inherited the tower from his parents and have been living off the income ever since.
  • African American


  • He is also old money, but is very greedy. He cares only about his own welfare and well-being over anyone else, believing that he is worth more in life.

Notable In The SeriesEdit

  • Prevents the occupants of the tower from reaching the roof.
  • Accused of stealing supplies from the 2nd floor.
  • Is believed to be the one who allerted the Mallers.
  • Died trying to protect the tower.


I didn't fear death or what might be there if today was my last day. But that was then and this is now.

Michael, 1 - It Begins