Full Name Burt Scott
Nickname Gunny, Raven
Portrayed by Scott Marvin
First appearance Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals
Final appearance Recurring
Gender Male
Rank E-7, Gunnery Sergeant
Former Occupation Gun Shop Owner
Residence The Tower
Special Talents Sniper/Quick Draw
Spouse Shirley (Deceased)
  • Full Name: Burt Scott
  • Former Occupation: Gun Shop Owner
  • Rank: E-7, Gunnery Sergeant
  • Special Talents: Sniper/Quick Draw
  • Age: 52 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 3 - The New Arrivals, Rescued in the bathroom of his Gun Shop, "Locked and Loaded", by Saul and Angel.


  • Background: Former USMC (Marine Corps). Burt was one of the best shots in the US, used to shoot in competitions, until he abruptly stopped in 2006.


  • Used to being the one in charge, and enjoys telling people what to do. Burt can easily analyze a situation and develop a plan of action, however, that idea may not be perfect.

Notable In The SeriesEdit

  • Rations and Stocks the Weapons and Ammo supply for the building
  • Original owner of the generator used in the tower.
  • Had a "secret safe" filled with ammunition, weapons, explosives and "Shirley."


I didn't fear death or what might be there if today was my last day. But that was then and this is now.

Michael, 1 - It Begins