Full Name (unknown)
Nickname Scratch
Portrayed by Jenna McCombie
First appearance Chapter 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay
Final appearance Recurring
Gender Female
Former Occupation Unknown
Residence The Mall
Special Talents Facial and Voice Recognition.
Sibling(s) Latch
  • Full Name: (Unknown)
  • Former Occupation:
  • Special Talents:Facial and Voice Recognition.
  • Age: 30 at the beginning of the Story
  • First Appeared: Chapter 6 - The Remains of Eastern Bay, Followed Burt, Saul, and Lizzy on the way back from the refueling depot.


  • Background: Prior convictions, and various other crimes nearly got her locked away, had her brother, Latch, not taken the blame for a crime as of yet unknown. Broke into the prison after the incident and freed everyone in lockup. Attacked the tower twice and kidnapped Burt the second time when she blew the tower up.


  • Very hostile, and aggressive.
  • Mob ties

Notable In The SeriesEdit

  • Negotiated with Burt in Chapter 6
  • Took over The Colony
  • Amputated Burt's trigger-finger and destroyed Shirley while interrogating him for information about the other survivors


I didn't fear death or what might be there if today was my last day. But that was then and this is now.

Michael, 1 - It Begins