Previous Supply Runs
  • Chapter 3 Angel and Saul
    • Get remaining supplies at unidentified local shops
    • Find Locked & Loaded and Burt
    • Vault containing weapons and ammo
  • Chapter 5 Lizzy, Saul, and Burt
    • Trucking fuel depot
    • Located in the Mallers territory
  • Chapter 9 Datu, Angel, and Riley
    • Sporting goods store
    • Located near the arena
  • Various small supply runs to unnamed stores in the local area

Possible Supply Caches

  • Locked & Loaded
    • Mallers and looters were unable to get into the vault without Burt's code
    • More supplies than they could fit in the Hummer on the first run
  • The Other Tower
    • Was secured and occupants were comfortable prior to take-over
    • Did supply runs with a large caravan each time
      • Plenty of supplies for a large group
    • Unexplored so far by Tower occupants
  • Army Reserve Center
    • Saul, Angel, and Michael only took their weapons
    • Secured armory