• Name: "The One with Markings", "Colored Face", "It's Paul"
    • Possibly the leader or a leader of the infected in the city, seeing as how he was able to command them during chapters 10 and 12
  • First Appeared: Chapter 5 on the roof top of the ambush site.
  • Characteristics:
    • Extremely Smart
    • Quick
    • Ellusive
    • Able to mimic speech
    • Could also be capable of full speech, as he was able to communicate with the survivors enough to at least make everyone but Burt let their guard down
    • Looks like a human from behind as it managed to get into the tower even with him being observed

Other Appearances:

  • Inside the Arena (Chapter 10)
  • Inside the Tower on the 2nd Floor (Chapter 11)


  • There is an unconfirmed (as well as not really addressed) possibility that the "The One with Markings" and the one with the "Colored Face" may actually be two different zombies.
  1. While the story has been very clear about the The One with Markings being covered with tattoos and his appearances in the story, "Colored Face" has only been mentioned by Skittles and seen by Datu when he was in the arena.
  2. In the case of Skittles, it was at first unclear what zombie he was exactly talking about about, so given his speech pattern and the previous knowledge of "The One with Markings" it can be assumed that they are the same.
  3. However, when Datu saw "Colored Face" he commented specifically that it was colored strangely and not that it was covered with tattoos.
  4. Also, "Colored Face" was in the arena when Samantha was dragged out of the room that her, Datu and Kalani were all sharing.
  5. While we don't know exactly how much time passed between Angel and Riley finding Datu and Kalani in the room and Michael , Saul  and Burt  getting them all back to The Tower, the odds seem impossibly slim that the same zombie (Colored Face) could get from the arena, to the Tower and pull off the charade (accomplished The One with Markings - Michael describes him as covered with tattoos) explained by Lizzy before they got back.

Other References:

  • Possible connection to "Bill Roberts" otherwise know as "Ink" as described in Chapter 2 on the TIVO.