The Other Tower

Known Occupants:

  • Kalani: Stated that things were already going downhill by the time he arrived. Was taken to the arena shortly before Samantha and saved by the group of Angel, Riley, Michael, Burt, and Saul
  • Samantha: Escaped during the infiltration of the tower, leaving behind her daughter, Hope
  • Skittles is assumed to be a previous occupant of the Other Tower as well, but not confirmed
  • CJ: leader of the tower.


  • It is unstated where The Other Tower is located in relation to the rest of the locations explored
  • Kalani and Samantha both stated that their tower was well fortified and secured, but the zombies still infiltrated and wiped out the tower
  • Kalani states that The Tower residents were lucky so far, having their building less secure than The Other Tower
  • Their caravan was discovered after being destroyed in Chapter 5
    • Came with one of the first appearances of The One with Markings, who apparently set up a trap for the caravan
    • Was the first event that wiped out several occupants of the Other Tower
  • Occupants made trips to what they called "Ground Zero" where they believe the outbreak first began.
  • Discovered information of interest about the zombies at a much faster rate than the stories main characters


  • Unexplored